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In no particular order:

Im going to Austin for spring break! Yay, I get to see Terri, actually Terri is so nice I get to stay with her:) and I get to do fun legal work for a good cause. Im volunteering with 15 other BLS kids in Student Hurricaine Network to do legal work for Katrina victims. I am going to work for Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid http://www.trla.org/. I have no idea what Ill be doing but I am super excitied! The kids Im going with are all really cool, met them last week at the mardi gras fundraiser. We're keeping a blog to keep people updated while we're there http://bls-shn.blogspot.com/. Check it out!

- my housewarming party will be bringing lots of my buddies to Brooklyn for some good old fashioned rowdy fun
- my BFF just moved to NYC!!!
- I had the yummiest Sangria with the cutest boy last night
- I have rediscovered the goodness that is brown sugar pop tarts
- Its more than 8 degrees
- Burritos, beer and "Conviction" with the law geeks tonight
- Letter recieved from clinic client read, "Ms. Amy you I have no doubt you are the best lawyer in NYC" (how cute I almost cried...)

The interview at Emery (read dream job I was born to have) is in T minus 2 hours.
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I am so not smooth. I am so far from smooth it hurts. So Hilo tells me I shouldn't blog about work because theres some sort of underground conspiracy where employers Google you, find your blog and read all about how you puked tequila 87 times last friday ... but I dont care. I just got off the phone with the guy from Emery. He was just returning my call to let me know theyre going to start interviewing next week. Thats it. no big revelations, no massive job offers, no devestating rejections - just an update. Me? Im babbling like a f*cking idiot. Uh uh uh - if I had to put my finger on it the last time I felt this sick and awkward over something I really really really wanted but wasnt quite sure I could have was the North Country Road School dance where I actually got within 5 feet of the love of my life at the time (who I recently heard has a child now?? is this true??). Anyway, Im hoping by some divine intervention the nice nice nice man at Emery gives me a shot to prove what a smooth ass rockstar I really am. Because I am, just not when I want you:)
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Ive met a boy who uses the word "activist" in the form of a self-descriptive adjective as opposed to using it as cuss word or an insult! He's hot and he's smart and he lives down the street! I'll let you all know when I figure out whats wrong with him but til then ::GRIN::.

We now have gas in our apartment. It is the lap of luxury. Hilo and I cooked dinner for the first time in almost two weeks, popped a bottle of champagne sat back and got rather tipsy on a Monday night. Most of our Peace Corps friends and some of our relatives were the vicarious recipients of this warm fuzzy joy via the miracle of my cell phone's giant speaker phone microphone (which some of you have seen and mocked:) ). I had a conversation with Sema from the livingroom while the phone was in the kitchen (and she was in Seattle but thats really a different comment on the wonders of modern technology). Amazing.

Random thought for the day - "Law School Barbie" we need one. I mean you always see Barbie in her highest form of professional achievement - Doctor Barbie, Vet Barbie, Business Woman Barbie, I Married Ken and Got This Giant Rock Barbie... now we need a Barbie that pays tribute to the process (more on this in a moment), the struggle and the reality of how little Barbie actually becomes Lawyer Barbie. I propose Law School Barbie is dressed sorta hip but a little off its like Salvation Army mixed with that great dress that your sister who actually makes money bought you last christmas. She sports no less than 4 bags at all times - 1) The backpack which contains more net value in books and electronics than her entire apartment 2) The gym bag because hey cant drink to relieve stress ALL the time (just maybe 4 nights a week) 3) The shoes for the day because no matter how big the gym bag is the boots never fit in it and finally 4) The cute little handbag that she dreams of one day carrying all on its own. It contains a monthly metrocard, 812 credit cards (all just barely maxed), a lip gloss, a key to the apartment she mortgages her future for and the banana that didnt fit in the gym bag either. LS Barbie also carries a hat, gloves and a coat as well as an extra suit just in case Emery Celli calls and wants to interview her Right Now (she is nothing if not prepared), her cell phone is on (but on vibrate! god forbid it rings in class) at all times and usually attached to her ear (one can never be out of the loop regarding happy hour plans) and last but not least she expertly balances a Starbacks nonfat vanilla latte in the three fingers of her left hand. TADA.
Ok so maybe I just want them to make an Amy Barbie.

Process. Its a crappy thing. As most of you know when it comes to problems or "situations" (its the euphamism we're using this week)I like to "do". I dont like to think, I dont like to appreciate the "road" to happiness or success or whatever - I just want to be there. However who said change is impossible is clearly not paying enough attention to the process. In the middle of a discussion about a distress and frankly rather irritating situation that I am in right now through no fault of my own other than being born a drama magnet I said ... drumroll please ... "Yeah but if we did it that way then everyone could avoid the process of working it out, and really isn't the process of this whole thing the point I mean sure we want to develop stronger relationships and be more of a team but I think development itself implies process and thats whats really important here" ::gasp:: (did I just say that? the inside voice asks...) It must have been a red letter day on the calender, or there was some sort of funky star alignment.

Anyway I just passed up an invitation to what Im sure would have been a lovely lunch to do homework so I guess I'd better go do it. Pray for me tonight around 6, I have to learn the entire computer system of the Journal so I can start doing some of my "editorial" duties (Mike, cant we just do that AT happy hour? :) )...
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It's Roe v Wade day in Con Law... Im sitting on my hands. In other news - I am all moved in yippee! Now I just need a rug... slept through my alarm this morning yuck. At least I made it to school in time, my hair looks a little funny but Im here. Speaking of we live by the bus not the train :( I hate the bus. People do all sorts of shit on the bus theyd never do on the subway - like yelling at 8 am. I replaced my favorite jeans yesterday. Lots of money I dont have to get something I already had - damn the guy who stole them!!! The sales girl at Lucky talked me in to two pair (one was 50% off but still - I should have more restraint). Of course "my" jeans were not on sale, they never are. Although they are being discontinued:( and she had to go to the stock room to get me a pair -they still arent on sale :( This means I need to take the "jeans I never wear" to the Salavtion Army. Oh no ::biting tounge:: perhaps I should have skipped class this morning and gone to the DMV...
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Stole my wallet on Friday night. Why why why do they take the whole freaking wallet? You arent getting anything from any of those cards I cancel while your hot little fingers are still counting the cash I just pulled from the ATM so please just leave the school ID that costs me 50 buck to replace, my drivers license that will take 8 years to replace and the goddamn starbucks card with 45$ left on it from christmas - Ill buy you a freaking latte just dont add any more hassle to my life you insensitive, lazy, entitled feeling jerkoff!!! And to top it all youve made my opinion of humanity as a whole go down and did you really need my favorite pair of ancient Lucky jeans? Do you think they'll make your ass look as good as they do for mine? I doubt it. I hate you. And now I have to do all the work I didnt do this weekend because I was buying microwaves from target with money I dont have. Im going to cry. Its only Monday and already the week sucks - I hate being so stressed out all the time. I give up!!!
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Calling all friends and family in the tri-state area: After lugging all the newly acquired Ikea furniture up our three story walk up on Saturday night Hilo and I have decided that in addition to hiring movers to lug the rest of our crap we are shamlessly enticing friends to help us put the furniture together!
Heres what you get:
- Be the firat ones in the neighborhood to see our new GIANORMOUS apartment!
- The satisfaction of helping a friend (or two!)in need
- The ability to hold this over our heads when you need help moving heavy shit, dog walking, ex-boyfriend evading or something equally as unpleasant
- love and admiration
- the opportunity to test out our new Black and Decker power drill
and of course...
- we live above a liquor store so we'll shot the inebriants and some pizza and some eternal gratitude:)
We get:
- a comfy new coffee table
- a couple of bookshelves that may or may not stay standing depending on how much liquor you all have had before you play with the power drill:)
- to watch you sweat:)

We are hoping to host this event either Saturday night or Sunday day time - truth be told we'll probably be putting together furniture all weekend anyway so just call me or email me and let me know whos coming when so we can make sure theres food and alcohol:)
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So we finally got a new apartment - six blocks away from the current one but it may as well be a whole nother planet - I swear by new bedroom is twice the size of my present living room - yay! Spent my Saturday hunting down the super to get the keys, packing boxes, fighting with women with acrylic nails and big hair in the Long Island Ikea, dragging big heavy boxes up three flights of stairs and putting together boxed furniture that is inevitably missing A screw - not a part just one measley little screw - amazing how the little things can throw a monkey wrench in an otherwise fantasic plan:) Bought a desk at the Salavation Army as well as an awesome hot pink lamp with actual crystal hanging from it (so so cool that they never know what they have over there:) - 10 bucks - Nanny is jealous!:) ). Im so excited. Our downstairs neighbor is hot - as are his friends:) Theres a laundry mat next door oh and the best part - we live above the liquor store:) I almost forgot I was a law student today - then I remembered Journal proofing and client meetings and 8 thousand pages of reading all dont just disapear because Im in upheaval ::sigh:: guess Ill be getting up early to do that tomorrow but all I really want to do is go pick out new window treatments for the two giant oversized windows in my new living room!!! I am a domestic geek at heart. The cat is also thrilled we are moving - Ive never seen him as excited as when he discovered the bubble wrap at 2 am this morning - it was so cute I couldnt even hat him for disturbing my slumber:) Its funny how bittersweet this move is though - I found myself feeling all sorts of upset with this being the second time Im moving on a weekend when everyone and their mother (including mine!) is out of town. Its the first time Ive missed being in a "relationship" in awhile. Ive definitely missed other things before now, but today was the first time I thought, I really miss having someone who wants to do all the crappy stuff you dont want to (like lug the coffee table up three flights of stairs) just because they love you that much... then I remembered all the other bullshit that comes with it and I just wished I had someone who would carry the table up the stairs and leave:) Nah, Im not that jaded, not yet:) But I am pretty ok with where Im at in life. Its all good. And now I am going to bed and hoping that the cat is over the novelty of the apartment being in disarray enough to sleep through the night anyway...
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is my new favorite word. We've been apartment searching. Im exhausted I can't even rage anymore about how unjust it is that no one takes you seriously when you are young and poor even when you have perfect credit, perfect rent payment history, never thrown a raucous party (well other than that one in 11th grade but nothing got broken... :) ) UGH! I wish people would just say no instead of going on and on about what a "risk" we are. All I want to do is move closer to school so I dont have to carry everything I need for the next 18 hours on my back ::sigh:: and Allan at Prudential - you suck. No one wanted to pay your 12% anyway butthead. Ok I should go to bed. Im cranky :/ Started going over my appellate case today - lots of work but very exciting a real client ::nail biting:: Oh but I did go see Tristan and Isolde last night - mega cheese I know but sometime melodrama (even badly acted) is lovely:) Im sure Mr. Eriksen is choking :) Ah but still my favorite opera and the movie people did a nice job glossing over the boring bits:)
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While I was running this morning I composed an entire witty scintillating narrative for my journal entry of the day, now I cant even remember the title - this is vaguely reminiscint of the time my dad tried to take ginko to improve his memory but gave up after a week because he could never remember to take it. I love irony. It's an interesting experience to be up and out by 7 am - the world is so crowded! The subways are jammed, the gym is packed, sidewalks barely walkable... how easy it is to forget the "outside" world when one is a student! I never really thought about why the gym was so nice and free at 10 am :) In a similar vein - all hot men should be banned from the gym. Really you're all just too damn distracting - I almost fell off the treadmill this morning staring at the guy who was running next to me (although Ill chalk it up to it being 730 in the morning:) ). Its funny I was reading my friends page on here and it seems like everyone had weird dreams last night - strange, especially since I was thinking about putting mine down on paper it was so disturbing! It's been about 8 months since the end of my last (and first come to think of it) "oh my god I might die from this" breakup. I'm relatively stable, had my therapy, been through my rebound, all that shit. I have my moments but for the most part its history. Last night he showed up in a dream. I was the only on ewho knew he was there and I kept trying to get rid of him so my friends wouldnt kill him:) I was really pissed off but vaguely happy to see him and then I woke up crying. Weird. What the hell is that about?? It must be Friday the 13th... In other strange news I'm going to brunch tomorrow with a gaggle of high school girl friends. These are the early buddies. The ones who snuck out of the house with me, drank Zimas (blech but hey what did we know:) ) and painstakingly dissected the deeper meaning of hallway encounters with the 12th grader I was in love with:) Havent talked to any of them since probably sophmore year of college. You know how it goes we all grow up and get busy and move on (except for kristy and laura who I cant seem to shake:) ). So about a month ago one of them sends me a friendster message. This leads me to find another one on friendster. In a flurry of discussion we google the fourth - oh my god we all have been living within 20 mins of each other for about 2 years now:) Theres that irony again. So Im super excited to see them and catch up - should be interesting. Ok but first I have to take this damn exam so I should go study now...
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