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When the dam breaks all you can do is swim

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Its been forever since Ive written in here, its become a lot like my handwritten journal that way:) Every once in awhile Ill quip on myspace but havent been compelled to write much lately. This weekend was pretty intense though and I felt drawn back to my little livejournal. Funnily enough I dont really want to talk much about it. Friend of mine who I cant be very useful in comforting is going through a really rough time and it sucks. All I can do is pray and hope that it helps in the grand scheme of things. ::sigh:: on another note I spent the weekend bridal showering - trying in and of itself. dont get me wrong - I love my friend, we drink too much, dance on tables and lip sync Bon Jovi together but all this wedding brings up things Id rather forget. ugh. ok off to bed, another monday, another week...
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