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Im so unmotivated it isnt even funny. I have half a mind to just go pick up my eight hour take home criminal procedure exam and do it, just to be done. This is extremely out of character for me. Ive never taken an exam I wasnt OVER prepared for and even then Id still stress, its just that lately I really dont care. Its May, its beautiful I have a whole 3 weeks off before my summer job(s) start and I want to go play. It seems as though everyone else has caught this early senioritis too because we had a constitutional law study group yesterday that only took two hours to deteriorate in to "where should we go for dinner" "whose getting to GYC early on friday to hold a table?" and my personal favorite "screw con law lets go see 'Stick It' its playing on Court at 10" :) Oooh for the day when a weekend can be just that - a weekend. This weekend should be fun, Im a little bummed that I'll be out on Long Island Saturday night but it could be fun.. maybe...

The highlight of my cinquo de mayo...

boy at bar: So uh when can I take you out dancing?

me: honestly, I dont really dance unless Im alone or shitfaced

boy at bar (looking at me and grinning): So now would be a great time huh?

me: actually... sure.

I love random Friday nights and dancing in bars :)
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