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You Have to be f'in kidding me

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Health care. I love health care, Why the city of NY even bothers to pretend to give people adequate healthcare with Medicaid is beyond me. I just got off the phone with my doctors secretary who is a raging ass bitch. My insurance doesnt cover a visit that they documented totally differently than what I went in there for. Why would you tell me I was there for one thing and write down that I was there for something else. Why would you take my address change down on 1/23 and then yell at me on 4/19 for not paying bills youve been mailing to my old address that you obviously didnt write down in January. Why would you then expect me to believe that your record keeping is more accurate than my own and that you know why I was at the office better than I do. AGGGGHHHH and on top of it all it doesn't f'in matter Im going to have to pay this 125$ bill or have my credit ruined!!! The injustice of it all has me freaking fuming - and now you are going to be a bitch and not call in a perscription that I needed last week when you didnt call me back because I annoyed you. Im a fuuuuuming!!!!! Deep breath time to call the primary care physician who also doesnt take my new "fabulous" free insurance and try to figure out how to get my other prescription. Im going to need a prescription for some goddamn thorzine when this is all done....
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On April 19th, 2006 11:40 pm (UTC), outtajo commented:
I have a $170 bill chasing me from 2002. It was cleared up back then and was simply an administrative mistake on their part. I called my HMO to change primary care providers back in the day, they told me I could see the new one immediately, but really, per my coverage, I had to wait for a month before it went into effect - but they told me otherwise, so I went immediately. Of course, they charged me for the visit and refused to pay until I bitched. All was fixed... or so I thought. I got a couple of bills here in NY out of the blue, then last month get a credit collection notice. FUCK THAT!

I'm fighting this one tooth and nail... as soon as I find some time.
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On April 19th, 2006 11:47 pm (UTC), abenedetto replied:
Umm yeah they are telling me its in collection NOW from January - FUCK THAT is right - uuughhh Im still fuming...
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On April 19th, 2006 11:52 pm (UTC), outtajo replied:
Yeah, I think my hospital was pretty stupid about the whole thing. This bill has appraently been outstanding nearly FOUR YEARS yet there are no late fees, finance charges, etc. And it took them this long to actually go after me. Ridiculous.

If they were smart I'd owe thousands in interest and fees by now, but hell... who am I to complain?
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