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Yuppie Lust

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This new concept came to me this morning while having my first outdoor run since last fall. I was huffing and puffing through Ft Greene park, remembering why despite the balmy weather and the birds singing and the ability to shower at home rather than carry 87 bags to the gym, I love treadmills so much - no stairs. I also happened to notice that Ft Greene park seems to be where all the hot boys with Lab Retrievers in Brooklyn seem to be hanging. Then I decided that along with spring fever and second year-itis I have come down with a bad case of Yuppie Lust. It sneaks up on you this combination of Puppy Love and Baby Lust. You think youre chillin' enjoying your (almost) Sex and the City social life, your hot little dresses and apple martinis and then one day youre running in the park thinking hmmm I think it might be time for my hot husband, my adorable baby and my beautiful labador retriever and I to be jogging through central park back to our upper west side apartment to get ready to go to our power jobs in our progressive offices that have in house babysitters because of course we only believe in Nannies of the sort that are related (those of you who know my Nanny can see why I wouldnt have any less:) ). Then you think shit, it has been awhile since Ive run outside, must be all the blood rushing away from my brain - who the hell am I??? I have to say for the most part Im perfectly happy with where I'm at in my life but Spring seems to have brought out the shmoopy-woopy in us all and Ive heard more "timeline, I need to find someone..." monolouges from girlfriends in the last two weeks than I have all winter. And I'm going to the prom on thursday. the prom. the lawyer prom. maybe my yuppie husband will be waiting for me, a big fatty Tiffany diamond in one hand and a satchel that holds a JCrew rollneck, trunks and Adidas tennies all packed for the great fairytale getaway in the other hand, ready to drag me off in to the yuppie (two weeks fully paid) sunset...

::::Disclaimer for those of you who don't know me well enough to know - (most of) the preceding post is complete sarcasm (most). : ) ::::
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