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Had a really fun, yet whirlwind weekend showing Elizabeth around NYC (for those of you who dont know Elizabeth is a friend from London who I met while travelling in NZ - she emailed me Tuesday and was like "hey what are your plans for the weekend, tix to NY are cheap and Ive never been :) I love people that are just as spontaneous as I). But now I am sick. Yuck. Runny nose, headache, please dont make me move sick. Unfortunately I have to move, brief is due in a week and the steamroller that is my obligations doesnt slow down even for a head cold :( On top of that Ive just been feeling ucky lately. My shrink say "ucky" is not a feeling but Im telling you it is. Family drama on top of "I dont really know what I want to do with myself" and a little bit of "oh shit Ive gained 10 lbs in a month" does not a happy Amy make. Hilo and I are meant to start Brooklyn Boot Camp Fitness (www.bootcampfitnessnyc.com) on the 4th hopefully that will kick my ass and my attitude in to a better gear. Til then I will wallow... :)
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On March 28th, 2006 04:44 pm (UTC), aka_lusi commented:
I'm not sure if I can see you in ANY type of boot camp...have fun, though!
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