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I miss my livejournal. myspace is annoying and never working. today i'm mourning the death of my ankle. went to the orthopedic guy yesterday afternoon, three hours in the waiting room and 15 minutes in the exam room to look at my x-rays and tell me there's nothing anyone can do about my "athletic ankles" and i should just give up volleyball and running and take up swimming. are you kidding? that is wrong on so many levels not the least of which being that having not run in a month a bathing suit is the last thing i want to be anywhere near right now. ugh. so my options are to take up swimming or continue hurting i gotta say im leaning toward the pain. at least he said it was impossible for me to do more damage - thats a plus right?

on a completely different note (yet still mildly whiny) dear mta bus riders, especially you morning folks, no one wants to listen to you fight with your boyfriend at 8 am. if i wanted to listen to that i'd get my own boyfriend to fight with. where oh where is the crotchety old man who yells at bus cell phone users when you need him??? or maybe i am the only one he ever yells at? he is a repeat player in the story of my life, although admittedly (and thank god) a bit part every time i get a call on the bus (all two times its happened where i had to pick it up because ironically enough i hate when people talk on cell phones on the bus)he's there, yelling at me to shut up. ms. angry pants breaks up with her boyfriend at top volume...no cranky man. oh well.

work is going well. less crying on the subway home than last summer. i dont know if ive gotten jaded or if the federal system is just a bit less grating than the state. the courthouse is certainly cleaner:) i'm finding this summer to be a lot more academic as well. i think i like that but im not a big fan of being stuck in front of a computer for hours on end. some things are the same though - saw a cocaroach run across the office floor this morning:) love me some public interest jobs:)

i'm hungry, time to go find an apple somewhere...
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Its been forever since Ive written in here, its become a lot like my handwritten journal that way:) Every once in awhile Ill quip on myspace but havent been compelled to write much lately. This weekend was pretty intense though and I felt drawn back to my little livejournal. Funnily enough I dont really want to talk much about it. Friend of mine who I cant be very useful in comforting is going through a really rough time and it sucks. All I can do is pray and hope that it helps in the grand scheme of things. ::sigh:: on another note I spent the weekend bridal showering - trying in and of itself. dont get me wrong - I love my friend, we drink too much, dance on tables and lip sync Bon Jovi together but all this wedding brings up things Id rather forget. ugh. ok off to bed, another monday, another week...
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Im so unmotivated it isnt even funny. I have half a mind to just go pick up my eight hour take home criminal procedure exam and do it, just to be done. This is extremely out of character for me. Ive never taken an exam I wasnt OVER prepared for and even then Id still stress, its just that lately I really dont care. Its May, its beautiful I have a whole 3 weeks off before my summer job(s) start and I want to go play. It seems as though everyone else has caught this early senioritis too because we had a constitutional law study group yesterday that only took two hours to deteriorate in to "where should we go for dinner" "whose getting to GYC early on friday to hold a table?" and my personal favorite "screw con law lets go see 'Stick It' its playing on Court at 10" :) Oooh for the day when a weekend can be just that - a weekend. This weekend should be fun, Im a little bummed that I'll be out on Long Island Saturday night but it could be fun.. maybe...

The highlight of my cinquo de mayo...

boy at bar: So uh when can I take you out dancing?

me: honestly, I dont really dance unless Im alone or shitfaced

boy at bar (looking at me and grinning): So now would be a great time huh?

me: actually... sure.

I love random Friday nights and dancing in bars :)
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Hey everyone -
I am looking for a legitimate charity to donate to in the Dominican Republic. If at all possible I'd love it to go through a PCV but I looked on the PC website and there aren't any projects in the DR up right now. Does anyone have any experience with or suggestions for a particularly good project or org? Thanks!
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Health care. I love health care, Why the city of NY even bothers to pretend to give people adequate healthcare with Medicaid is beyond me. I just got off the phone with my doctors secretary who is a raging ass bitch. My insurance doesnt cover a visit that they documented totally differently than what I went in there for. Why would you tell me I was there for one thing and write down that I was there for something else. Why would you take my address change down on 1/23 and then yell at me on 4/19 for not paying bills youve been mailing to my old address that you obviously didnt write down in January. Why would you then expect me to believe that your record keeping is more accurate than my own and that you know why I was at the office better than I do. AGGGGHHHH and on top of it all it doesn't f'in matter Im going to have to pay this 125$ bill or have my credit ruined!!! The injustice of it all has me freaking fuming - and now you are going to be a bitch and not call in a perscription that I needed last week when you didnt call me back because I annoyed you. Im a fuuuuuming!!!!! Deep breath time to call the primary care physician who also doesnt take my new "fabulous" free insurance and try to figure out how to get my other prescription. Im going to need a prescription for some goddamn thorzine when this is all done....
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This new concept came to me this morning while having my first outdoor run since last fall. I was huffing and puffing through Ft Greene park, remembering why despite the balmy weather and the birds singing and the ability to shower at home rather than carry 87 bags to the gym, I love treadmills so much - no stairs. I also happened to notice that Ft Greene park seems to be where all the hot boys with Lab Retrievers in Brooklyn seem to be hanging. Then I decided that along with spring fever and second year-itis I have come down with a bad case of Yuppie Lust. It sneaks up on you this combination of Puppy Love and Baby Lust. You think youre chillin' enjoying your (almost) Sex and the City social life, your hot little dresses and apple martinis and then one day youre running in the park thinking hmmm I think it might be time for my hot husband, my adorable baby and my beautiful labador retriever and I to be jogging through central park back to our upper west side apartment to get ready to go to our power jobs in our progressive offices that have in house babysitters because of course we only believe in Nannies of the sort that are related (those of you who know my Nanny can see why I wouldnt have any less:) ). Then you think shit, it has been awhile since Ive run outside, must be all the blood rushing away from my brain - who the hell am I??? I have to say for the most part Im perfectly happy with where I'm at in my life but Spring seems to have brought out the shmoopy-woopy in us all and Ive heard more "timeline, I need to find someone..." monolouges from girlfriends in the last two weeks than I have all winter. And I'm going to the prom on thursday. the prom. the lawyer prom. maybe my yuppie husband will be waiting for me, a big fatty Tiffany diamond in one hand and a satchel that holds a JCrew rollneck, trunks and Adidas tennies all packed for the great fairytale getaway in the other hand, ready to drag me off in to the yuppie (two weeks fully paid) sunset...

::::Disclaimer for those of you who don't know me well enough to know - (most of) the preceding post is complete sarcasm (most). : ) ::::
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Had a really fun, yet whirlwind weekend showing Elizabeth around NYC (for those of you who dont know Elizabeth is a friend from London who I met while travelling in NZ - she emailed me Tuesday and was like "hey what are your plans for the weekend, tix to NY are cheap and Ive never been :) I love people that are just as spontaneous as I). But now I am sick. Yuck. Runny nose, headache, please dont make me move sick. Unfortunately I have to move, brief is due in a week and the steamroller that is my obligations doesnt slow down even for a head cold :( On top of that Ive just been feeling ucky lately. My shrink say "ucky" is not a feeling but Im telling you it is. Family drama on top of "I dont really know what I want to do with myself" and a little bit of "oh shit Ive gained 10 lbs in a month" does not a happy Amy make. Hilo and I are meant to start Brooklyn Boot Camp Fitness (www.bootcampfitnessnyc.com) on the 4th hopefully that will kick my ass and my attitude in to a better gear. Til then I will wallow... :)
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Hey everyone - back from Texas in one piece and I gotta say - Austin, I dig it. Who'd thought I'd dig Texas... however while down there Terri told me that she and Carl are moving to Southern Mississippi because he got a professorship down there. While I'm thrilled for Carl I don't know if I am quite open minded enough to do southern mississippi... The volunteering part of this trip was amazing, exhausting, emotional and just generally tough, but I wrote a lot about it in the SHN blog and also in my own journal and I just dont think I can say anything else about it right now - it blows my mind, makes me want to cry, awes me and frustrates me when I think about what all of these evacuees are still going through 6 months later...

Instead here I want to tell you all about SXSW and the rodeo. Yes thats right the rodeo. Its actually really freaking cool. Denice's friends took us on Tuesday night - it made me want to marry a cowboy and ride off in to the sunset to have little cowboy babies who practice for rodeos by riding sheep (no really its a childrens event - freakin hilarious!), instead I bought a cowgirl shirt and went off to watch the live music at SXSW. Thursday night I got to see Kris Delmhorst (www.krisdelmhorst.com) who is my personal musical hero - if I had any talent at all and could put my feelings in to musically coherent thought I'd want to sound just like her, shes amazing! And we saw some other folk-type people on the signature label (all for free!!! yay free:) ). Then we went to Stubbs the famous BBQ place and saw Dresden Dolls, Gomez and Nickel Creek - all awesome. Nickel Creek didn't start until 1 am so the place had cleared out a lot and we were right up front getting sweat on - it was awesome! I managed to get some really cool video on my camera phone. Funny story I wasnt aware that my camera phone took videa until I went to show someone the pictures and this one started moving and singing :)

Very tired now, just getting over the emotional shock of discovering that a fact that one of my appeal issues (for my clinic client) was based on is not in fact true. Had a major melt down at Pillow (the groovy coffee shop down the street) and then managed to get my supervisor on the phone who assured me that this happens to everyone. Still it was a wake up call as to the fact that everything I do in my career from here on out is going to significantly effect someones life. I should've learned to play the guitar and moved to Nashville or something...
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I'm in Austin. Dont think I can blog two journals and keep my own thoughts straight in my private journal soooo here's the link to the BLS - SHN blog which is contributed to by the three of us in Texas as well as the 13 kids in New Orleans. Its quite the educational experience, Im amazed at how much my own eyes have been opened in the past 24 hours...


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I have to start this post with a disclaimer. I just came from lunch with my friend Bob, about half way through the conversation I said, "Bob I seriously have to warn you that if this continues along these lines its going in my blog" at which point he said something even more outrageous to which I replied, "thats it you get a whole entry!" So without further ado I give you Bob on Fashion...

The scene the BLS lunch room, noon, three students (2 girls and a guy) eating lunch puzzling over the mystery that is law school prom and all the drama that surely will ensue..

Girl(I wont identify her cause she didnt get a disclaimer and really is a minor scene setting character:) ): Yes but WHO? There's no one to take to the prom that wouldn't be a mess.

Me: Hmm let me think

Girl: I need some shoes, and a dress

Bob(the quote heard round the world): You should go to DSW, they have some really cute shit.

Me: did you just say "they have some really cute shit" about a shoe store?

Bob: yeah well they do.

Me: I know but if you say anything like that ever again its a blog entry I swear.

Bob (to girl): so are you buying a new dress?

Girl: I dont know

Bob: there's this great dress store on Smith Street called Soula.

Me: Ok thats it, its a blog entry and ::Girl:: you should ask ::unidentified boy's name redacted in the interest of keeping Girl as my friend:: he'd be perfect.

Ok so it was a hell of a lot funnier at the time, but for those of you who know Bob you might better understand why this was amusing. We have lots of friends who are gay and very fashion conscience - they come to lunch with a new Ben Sherman shirt every day and help us pick out sexy librarian eyeglasses. Bob is not one of these men. Shit it was just funny.
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